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Product Features:
The AY-R12 RGB Illuminated Reader presents a new concept in the security market whereby readers display ambiance modes preconfigured by the organization. The reader is wired to the controller and can be controlled by any panel to display colors at specified events via control inputs which connect to the host relay outputs. This most advanced reader adds a dramatic effect to any style-conscious environment.
Product Description:
Main Features
Stylish and practical application to add color to any environment enabling a high quality hightech atmosphere. A must for designers.
16 Pre-programmed color schemes, enabled using 4 wired inputs
Optical Back Tamper sends a signal to the control panel when removal from wall or housing opening
Built in 125KHz Reader for EM type RFID cards with a read range of up to 8 cm
SKU SKU16227
Price: $177.31
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